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Underground utility locating is exceptionally important to ensure that no utility lines of any type are damaged while work is being performed around them. Damage to utility lines may result in serious injury or even death, as well as disruption of the relevant services and delays to your project. Furthermore, if you or your company are responsible for the disruption of utility lines, you may be liable and suffer significant fines.

Star-4-Locate are able to ensure that this does not happen to you or your business. We are a team of state certified technicians who specialize in the underground utility locating of water, gas, electric, sewerage and communication lines. Before you begin any construction work, call us and we will perform a detailed analysis to provide you with a highly accurate description of the lines that are in your area.

Our underground utility locating services have enabled hundreds of businesses and individuals alike to successfully dig and perform construction work right across metropolitan Atlanta, GA. We have developed a reputation throughout Atlanta for providing thorough, professional and efficient services for a highly competitive price.

When you consider the implications of damaging a utility line, our underground utility locating services become even more affordable. Failing to adequately investigate the presence of utility lines ahead of time may result in a fine or even a criminal charge against you or your company. This is especially the case if such negligence is responsible for a major utility outage or serious accident, or an evacuation due to a gas leak. Hitting a water main may also trigger a boil-water advisory and local flooding, while hitting a sewerage line also has inherent health issues.

Don’t take the risk. Call Star-4-Locate today and utilize our underground utility locating services. You can contact us on (678) 358-3462.

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