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Utility Locating

Utility Locating | Star-4-Locate, LLC

Utility locating is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains which are most commonly underground.

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Underground Utility Locating

Underground Utility Locating | Star-4-Locate, LLC

Underground utility locating is exceptionally important to ensure that no utility lines of any type are damaged while work is being performed...

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Private Utility Locating

Private Utility Locating | Star-4-Locate, LLC

The law states that anyone performing underground work must first establish the presence of various utility lines in the area, or pay the price.

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If you are planning on digging, excavating, constructing or doing any sort of ground installation work, it is imperative that you are completely certain as to what is under the ground that you will be disturbing, in order to ensure the safety of you and everyone else in the area. It is also essential to know what you’re digging so that you can avoid disturbing water lines, sewerage, and anything else that may be underground and could lead to messy and costly consequences.

The team at Star-4-Locate make it our business to locate utilities, be it underground or anywhere else. We are able to act as both commercial contractors and residential locators, and specialize in locating gas, water, electricity, sewerage and communication lines. Our years of experience and attention to detail have led to our company developing a strong reputation throughout our area of operation in Atlanta, GA.

Locating combines many advantages and facilities for obtaining information from underground that are not available from any other techniques or combinations of techniques. We are able to search an area from the surface to locate buried lines, and also able to trace and identify sewers or other non-metallic ducts or pipes to which there is access.

Our state certified technicians fully comprehend the importance of locating and safe digging, and cannot stress this enough. All of our technicians are state certified, and taught the concepts, practices, materials and equipment used in the location of underground utilities. According to The Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act, utility locating protects the public from physical harm, preventing injury to persons and property, and prevents interruptions of utility services.

Don’t take the risk. Contact Star-4-Locate and ensure that you know exactly what is nearby when you are digging. Call us today on (678) 358-3462.

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